Mapping Open Collections for Higher Education

Does your University have an institutional repository? 

Do you have or know of a collection of resources that is openly licensed or in the public domain? For example a repository, a digitised collection of arts, a collection of audiovisual resources, a collection of guides and exercises, a historical collection of letters, scientific simulations or 3D modelling, or any other kind of collection from the humanities, arts, social sciences or STEM areas. 

The OER World Map, supported by the European Network of Open Education Librarians, is currently focussing on identifying and mapping open collections from the Higher Education (HE) sector or other institutions that can be useful for educators around the globe. The provision of a comprehensive directory of sources will directly facilitate access to high quality OER, prepare the development of OER discovery systems and promote a deeper understanding of existing OER infrastructures.

If you know any of such collections, please share them with us using this link:

Or, you can create your own profile and add your collection directly to the map at 

If you have questions, comments or ideas, please contact us to OER World Map <>

Since open content is key to democratise knowledge and to narrowing the gap on access to quality teaching and learning resources, we really appreciate your contribution!


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