The OE Policy Hub has launched!

The OE Policy Hub is a project of the OER World Map that fosters cooperative and evidence based policymaking in the field of Open Education by 

  • collecting policy documents, 
  • curating tools and good practices, 
  • connecting policy makers and advocates from all over the world. 

It is  run by a group of policy experts and researchers aiming to support the development of OE policies by bridging policy analysis with open data based research and innovation in policy making. After several months of development, we are happy to announce the official launch of the OE Policy Hub!

A barchart of the policies according to level

At the heart of the OE Policy Hub is the OE Policy Registry, an evolving database originally started by Creative Commons back in 2014. It collects and classifies OE Policy documents from all educational sectors and levels of governance around the world, providing a landscape overview of the current kinds of policies in different countries. The hub provides data visualisations of the registry, which allow users to browse through the different dimensions of Open Education Policy Making. With the help of the registry, initiatives can find policies that fit to their own context and adapt them to their own needs.

Basis for the OE Policy Hub is the OE Policy Registry

We aim to support initiatives during the implementation of the whole policy cycle. Initiatives which are working on conceptualising the implementation of Open Education in their country or institution are supported by a curated collection of helpful resources which provide advice on setting goals, choosing the best processes and using the right tools. 

Especially for policy makers new to Open Education, advice from experienced practitioners can be essential. The OU Policy Hub therefore contains a database of policy advisors which enables initiatives to build a support network of both international and local experts. In order to join this database, please register to the OER World Map and add the tag “policy advisor” to your profile.

As a partner of the UNESCO OER Dynamic Coalition our mission is to support the global implementation of the UNESCO OER Recommendation. We strive to support the emergence of a global network of governments and organisations who aim at catalysing education towards openness. Amongst others, we are currently collaborating with Creative Commons, OE Global, CCCOER, Open Education Austria, the Iniciativa Educação Aberta and SPARC Europe

Our plans for the next years include to keep reporting on good practices in OE policy making, supporting organisations into using the registry, as well as to set up a consolidated and systematic data collection model to gather OE initiatives, towards connecting policy documents with policy activities like projects, events and services.

This year we participated in several events including the OER20 conference and OE policy forum. If you want to learn more about us, you can find us at CC Summit, OE Global 2020 and OpenEd 2020. If you want to get involved, please join us by contributing with policy documents, case studies, policy toolkits and other related resources. To connect with us, please visit our website, and let us know if you are planning to develop, co-create or update an OE policy.

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