Tutorial: Pulsating pins for events

The „pulsating pin“-feature enables it to lead OER World Map users and visitors to the current discussions about OER-related events on Social Media. Events that are currently taking place are displayed as pulsating pins on oerworldmap.org. User can click these pins and there is a prominent display with a link to Social Media:

Hashtag “OEGlobal19” used for demonstration purpose

To activate the pulsating pin for an event on the days it is taking place, three requirements must be met in advance:

  1. The event needs a start and end date
  2. The event needs a specific location
  3. The event needs a hashtag

To create a new event on oerworldmap.org simply use the add menu (you must be logged in):

1. Start and end date

This one should be easy 😉 The date is enough, time is optional.

2. Specific location

This is a little bit more tricky because we have automatic suggestions for locations. First please select the country:

Afterwards you can select a region and and street-level-address as well:

If you click on a suggested address it is copied over to the street and zip form fields. If you see an orange pin on the mini map below the form fields, requirement two is fulfilled:

If you can’t find your desired address in our automatic suggestions, just type the street, zip and city in the form fields above the mini map and/or move the location pin to the desired location.

If you’re unsure if you fulfilled this requirement, just check the events category with upcoming events on oerworldmap.org: https://oerworldmap.org/resource/?filter.about.@type=Event – if there is a pin for the event, your edits were correct:

Correct – blue pin exists for event in advance:

Correct: there is a pin for the event 🙂

Not correct: Event is not displayed as blue pin on the map

3. Hashtag information

Just type the desired hashtag in the hashtag field, we used “OEGlobal19” here for demo purposes:

The social media link will be auto-generated, e.g. https://twitter.com/hashtag/OEGlobal19

All set!

The pulsating pin will be shown on the actual day(s) of the event on oerworldmap.org/resource/. The blue pin will become orange and pulsating:

Mobile view of pulsating pins

On the event detail page there will be an information box linking to the hashtag on twitter.com, the twitter website will be opened in a new browser tab:

Questions? Feedback?

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding pulsating pins, just drop us a quick line at info@oerworldmap.org or submit your idea/issue on Github! Thanks!

If you like this feature please support us by sharing this tutorial on Social Media or tell your friends, family and colleagues about it. Thanks!


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