A better login system for you

In the recent months we prepared the switch to a new open source login system (keycloak) which is more comfortable for world map users. In detail the new solution works far better with password managers (btw: Firefox Lockwise is available now). We hope to improve your experience while using the OER World Map!

There is one thing which affects you as a user regarding this internal system switch:

Please request a new password with “Forgot password” to re-enter your password

Because passwords are stored encrypted in our database we can not simply copy passwords from the old solution to our now open source solution. This is a good thing, because its proof that we take data protection seriously. In order to switch to the new login system you’ll need to request a password change and re-enter your password to the new system:

Request a new password:

You’ll be redirected to the “Forgot your password?” screen where you can enter your email address:

After entering and submitting the form you’ll see a confirmation message:

Please note: Due to security reasons there will always be a green confirmation message. If you’re not sure which email you used for your profile just wait a couple of minutes. If you receive a mail from us, it was correct. If not, just try another email address of yours, you can try to request a new password multiple times. The email will look like that:

After clicking the link in the email you’ll be redirected to this screen where you can re-enter your old password or you can choose a new one:

After submitting you’ll get a confirmation message. Everything is done now and you can just navigate to the world map and login as usual:

If you notice any errors please let us know via info@oerworldmap.org (or create an issue at https://github.com/hbz/oerworldmap/issues if you’re familiar with github).

Thanks very much for joining the journey!

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