Third Team Meeting 2018 in Cologne

Our third team meeting for 2018 from the 27th to the 28th September again took place at Cologne at the North Rhine-Westphalian Library Centre (hbz), where four people of the OER World Map team are working. Rob Farrow from the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK, and our four colleagues from Berlin joined us. The two days were filled with lively discussions on our plans for future collaborations. On the second day also a lot of practical work was done.

We managed to realize an automatic import of the data of more than hundred publications to the OER World Map. We had to enter a lot of organizations manually first, but with the help of OpenRefine we were able to get the linking between the publications and the publishing organizations done automatically. We still have to make some minor additions ourselves, but it is great to have a lot of work done automatically!

If you have lists of data on OER that you think might be useful to the OER World Map, please get in touch so we can have a look at the data and hopefully import it after some adjustments automatically.

We are planning to establish a kind of expert database on the OER World Map where you can find speakers, experts or coworkers for OER projects. As a first step, we identified “fields of activity” be able to describe the areas of expertise in a formalized way ( In a second step, you will be able to filter experts by these areas. If you are an expert in any field of OER please register to the OER World Map and describe your expertise. Until the new fields are integrated to the Map you can use for example the tag “speaker” so you can be found easily.

We also got ahead in creating a kind of timeline view so visitors of the OER World Map can see on a glance what has happened on the map recently or since their last visits. When this feature is established you will be able to see in one place new entries and comments on entries. There will also be shown which entries have been liked recently or have been marked as a lighthouse. Later on, you will be able to subscribe to certain entries to see if there have been changes and other new additions.

As soon as the new features are integrated into the OER World Map we will keep you posted! In the meantime, we would be glad if you visit the map and show to the OER community which OER repositories you use and which organizations you support by giving them a like. If you consider yourself being an OER expert you can also mark them with a lighthouse.

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