Let’s sprint again :)

This week is sprint time again. 🙂 In the last months we switched to a sprint-logic to organize the further development of the OER world map (oerworldmap.org). All results of our work is of course available as Open Source (see our github project repository). The main development is done by Felix Ostrowski and Daniel Doblado in Berlin, while Jan Neumann coordinates the project efforts at the North Rhine-Westphalian Library Center (hbz) in Cologne (with a little support by myself, Matthias Andrasch). Thanks to everyone providing us with valuable feedback and using the OER World Map!

You can follow our progress on Github (hbz/oerworldmap):

This week we address the issue that our login interface is not very accessible, so we would like to integrate keycloak (Open Source Identity and Access Management) into the OER World Map.

Also we addressed a lot of user interface related improvements, we redesigned the sidebar for example. Most importantly we introduced a new Pin Switch to let you, the users, navigate in countries and regions more easily:

I’m also very excited for a new feature idea, which is currently in development: Live events

And if you haven’t noticed yet: You can check out what is happening on the OER World Map with the Activity Feed

We hope you’ll like the new features and additions!

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