First Team Meeting 2018 in Cologne

Our first team meeting for 2018 from the 18th to the 19th January took place at Cologne at the North Rhine-Westphalian Library Centre (hbz), where four people of the OER World Map team are working. Rob Farrow from the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK could not make it to Cologne this time so we had only visitors from Berlin. The two days were filled with lively discussions and great teamwork. In addition a lot of practical work was done.

new landing page
Our new landing page

First we made the final decisions for our new landing page and on Friday we managed to put it online. The new page is supposed to help the different groups of our audience to find an easy entry point into the OER World Map, for example OER actors, policy makers and teacher & learners. There is also a section for people completely new to OER.

Detail of the new landing page
Find the information you are looking for!

We point to the specific view of single countries and encourage our visitors to announce their events on the world map and create an appealing personal profile to be more visible to the OER community. Please take the time and check your personal profile! For example you can add information about projects you are working on or events you are visiting. The possibility to link to own publications on OER has been added lately. Maybe you want to point to interesting research you did!

Detail of the new landing page
An appealing personal profile makes you more visible for the global OER community

We talked about the schedule for the refactoring of our website that will result in a refined UI. We are optimistic to have it online in march. It solves a lot of minor problems, adds possibilities to sort the result lists in different ways and will be a big step to a better filter section.

In the long run we want to establish some kind of a timeline view as start screen when you have logged in to the world map. This timeline will show you what has changed on the world map since your last visit. It displays the editings that have been made on OER World Map entries you made. You can also subscribe to for example a country and will be informed about new entries for this country, same for subject, educational sectors and any filter combination you like! With this kind of timeline view you no longer have to search for changes but you will be automatically informed about them. This will make working with and for the OER World Map easier and more comfortable!

draft of the planned limeline view
A draft of the planned limeline view

From the past we are used to have meetings with sunshine and blue sky but this time the weather forecast was quite alarming: A storm named Friederike was said to come on Thursday. We were quite lucky here in Cologne because the storm was not as strong as further north. On Friday evening our travelling colleagues were lucky too and managed to get back to Berlin by train with only minor troubles. Walking home the Cologne colleagues could even enjoy the sun coming out at least.

The sun finally comes out after the storm

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