Second Team Meeting 2017 Cologne

Our second team meeting for 2017 from the 18th to the 19th May took place at Cologne. The North Rhine-Westphalian Library Centre (hbz) is in Cologne where four people of the OER World Map team are located. So the other members of our geographically dispersed team had to travel this time coming from Milton Keynes, UK and from Berlin. The two days were as always filled with constructive discussions and good teamwork.

This time the weather forecast was not very promising. We are used to have meetings with sunshine and blue sky but this time the sky was grey and it rained. But at least it made Rob feel at home although he was staying on the continent. And we had lots of topics to discuss:

The calendar importer has been improved in many ways since our last team meeting in Berlin. If you have events in a calendar you want to be displayed on the map please get in contact. We also can offer to export an event calendars to other websites as we have done for the #yearofopen events for The Open Education Consortium.

A playlist of video recordings can be added to an event on the map, maybe there can be some automation on connecting events on the OER World Map with their playlists in the future.

The last refactoring of our website improved the mobile view of the OER World Map very much although it remains a bit of a challenge to put a world map on these small screens. We talked about further improvements and discussed the possibility to deactivate some map features in case of bandwidth problems for example in less developed areas.

The refactoring of the map came along with some changes in the behavior of the map when searching and filtering for lists. We agreed that it is an improvement that the map view does no longer change with every interaction but some refinements have to be done especially when a single entry is chosen.

Ready for a lunch break with bagels
Ready for a lunch break with bagels

We did a lot of little changes to refine our terms and conditions to keep the privacy of our registered users on one hand and guarantee that all data on the World Map is open to be reused!

We talked about a second edition of the OER Atlas (link to a PDF), a printed overview over the German speaking OER landscape. We want to develop a way to extract data from our website and to create such an overview mostly automatically. To have a printed extract from the OER World Map has been quite useful for the collaboration with policy makers and deciders so we think it will be useful for other countries as well.

Heading home after two days of great collaboration the Cologne Cathedral is still there and so is the scaffold: Great things remain being under construction for their whole existence. We will keep on working on the OER World Map together with the OER community!

The two towers of the Cologne Cathedral
The two towers of the Cologne Cathedral

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