Announcing v0.2 of OER World Map

Following on from Felix’s recent post about the technical development that has gone into producing v0.2 of OER World Map, I’m writing to announce the official launch of the latest iteration. By the time you read this a whole host of new functionality will have been added to the site.

Firstly – and most obviously – we now have a map that can be browsed and explored more meaningfully.  Several node types have been incorporated and added to the map, with basic reporting available at the country level for users, projects, organisations and services.  I think everyone on the team feels happy to have reached the stage where we could move beyond a holding homepage and publish what we have put together so far.

There’s only a small amount of data included in this version, which is mostly to test functionality.  As we add more data to the map in future releases these fundamental types will be used to build up a summary of OER activity in different parts of the world.  We already have a a lot of datasets available to us and are in the process of prioritising these and cleaning the data. A more detailed account of OER activity is provided in the form of ‘stories‘ written by members of the OER community.  These capture the experiences of OER practitioners in their own words and demonstrate the real impact that OER is having.

We’re always interested in collecting more stories, and we expect to release several new stories in the coming weeks so keep coming back. You can also use this version to see whether your country has been assigned a country champion.  Champions act as regional points of contact and curators of content.  If you’re interested in acting as a champion for the project in your area, get in touch.

We also now have static pages explaining what the project is about; how our legal and privacy policies work; and an FAQ page which attempts to answer some fundamental questions about the project.

As ever, we remain interested in your feedback!  You can comment below or write to us. To get involved in the project, consider:

  • Becoming a country champion
  • Sharing your OER story
  • Raising local awareness of the project in your organisation

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